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JR (b. 1983, France) - Times Square, The Last Piece Left from The Inside Out Project, New York City
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“Nothing is funnier than unhappiness.” — Samuel Beckett
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Marilyn Monroe was a PORNSTAR?!!
She’s not the only one! Check out more hollywood stars who started out in porn!

I can’t believe #1, I wonder if Justin Timberlake knew this :O
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Kurt Vonnegut described his artwork as a pursuit that liberated him from the oppressive work of writing. Take a look at some of his whimsical drawings:
Image from “Kurt Vonnegut Drawings” (Monacelli Press), edited by Nanette Vonnegut, out May 13th.
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mamma mia!
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ThrowbackEverything is upside down. 14 months ago this is how the blog looked like, all be it not broken. I’ll keep it like that until Saturday morning when everything has to be rebuilt from scratch.Will do some throwback posts for a bit of fun while I’m at it, just to keep it in the mood for the layout.
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Artist Name: Jeff Mertz
Tumblr: jeffmertz
Lago di ComoAgosto 2013
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